Quality control workshop in service organizations

Quality control workshop in service organizations
Presented by Dr. Engineer: Haitham Najm & Engineer: Magdy Khattab
During the period from 11 to 15 April 2020
International Group for Integrated Management Solutions
Technology Foundation for Development, Consulting and Quality Systems
Arab Quality World Magazine
Invest your time now, build yourself and prepare for the next stage
5 days, 20 training hours

  1. Introduction:
    • The concept of Quality is used in the industrial sectors as a special measure of excellence, and it is known that the products are free from defects and shortcomings through strict adherence to the application of all measurable and verifiable standards for the purpose of obtaining customer or user satisfaction by creating homogeneity and similarity in that, and that quality is all the characteristics and specifications A product or service that gives it the ability to meet the aforementioned customer needs, whether expressed or implied.
    • However, the current problem in applying and monitoring quality standards now lies with those who want to apply them in service areas where quality workers face a big problem in how to apply quality control standards to the services provided and we always hear the phrase that quality control is specific to products and it is difficult to apply in the field Services, but this talk is not correct in its entirety, and if it is certified and insured, the truth says that there are actually difficulties facing those working in the field of quality in applying ideas, methodologies and standards for quality control in their services, but quality control applies to services as it applies to products.
    • We in this training forum will provide you with methodologies and practical solutions to develop an integrated vision and quality control system in your service organization and whatever the nature of the work the services you provide.
  2. Goals:
    • Knowledge of the basics of service provision
    • Knowledge of basic quality control concepts and terminology
    • Knowledge of the basic pillars of quality control for services
    • Knowing how to build a quality control system for services
    • Determining the qualifications and competencies of workers in quality control services
    • Know how to build a quality control system for services
    • Know how to develop indicators to measure the quality of services
  3. Concerned with attendance:
    • Service departments managers
    Quality managers in service organizations
    • Quality control managers in service organizations
    • Quality supervisors and supervisors, service organizations
    Quality Control Specialists
    Quality Assurance Professionals
    • Everyone who has aspiration to work in the field of quality and its applications in service organizations.
  4. Themes:
    Define the basic services and pillars to provide them
    • Definitions and basic terms in quality and quality control
    Basic principles of quality control for the service process
    • Define the basic processes for providing services and analyze the service process
    Quality control of the inputs and outputs of the service process
    • Implementation steps to build a quality control system for services
    • Setting basic performance indicators for the quality control operations of the service organization
    • Monitor and evaluate the results of the quality control system and measure its success in achieving positive results for the service organization
    • Open discussions, practical applications, and practical presentations from the trainees for quality control applications in the services of their organizations
  5. What attendees get and the cost:
    • Scientific material for the workshop
    • Quality control forms for services
    • A certificate from the Technical Corporation in the presence of the workshop
    • International accredited certificate (for those requesting it at a separate cost of $ 75)
    Cost: $ 115

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