AS9100 Aviation Quality Management Standard

AS9100 is a single quality management standard for the aviation industry. It is being used and supported by the world’s leading aviation industry. Organizations across the aviation industry can use the AS9100 standard, including design, manufacture, maintenance and distribution companies. If you are certified, then you should trust to have an effective management system. The AS9100 standard may be necessary to obtain your business license, so make it necessary now and in the future.
Benefits of applying the system:
Reduces product risks, service faults, and serious malfunctions.
Demonstrates effective quality management for a trade license
Lists you in the OASIS database
Become a preferred supplier and gain the trust of the customer and the stakeholder
Continuous improvement and access to international growth opportunities

Best tips for applying the AS 9100 standard:
I get commitment and support from top management.
Engage workers at all levels thanks to a good internal communication process.
Compare the current quality management with the requirements of AS9100.
Receive customer and supplier feedback on current quality management
Form a team to apply for best results.
Create a detailed plan and take part in roles, responsibilities and timeframes.
Configure the basic principles of AS9100 to suit your business.
Motivate your employees to participate through training and incentive programs.
Share information about AS9100 among employees and urge them to train as internal auditors.
Check with your AS9100 regularly to make sure it’s constantly improving.
Relationship with ISO 9001: 2015:
AS9100 contains the texts of Standard 9001 and how they are applied to the aviation sector throughout the aviation chain, including airlines and freight operators.
And the standard in its latest version, version D, has become compatible with the standard 9001, which helps in joint application and obtaining the two certificates more easily.
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