Measuring the quality of health services

It is measured by the availability of the five dimensions of quality provided by the hospital, which are:

A- The concrete aspects, which include the following variables:
• Attractive buildings and physical facilities.
• Interior design and organization.
Modernity of medical equipment and devices.
The appearance of doctors and workers.

B- Reliability, which includes the following variables:
• Fulfillment of health service delivery on schedule.
• Accuracy and non-errors in examination, diagnosis or treatment.
Availability of different specialties.
• Confidence in doctors and specialists.
• Care to solve the patient’s problems.
• Maintain accurate records and files.

C- The response, which includes the following variables:
• Speed ​​in providing the required health service.
Immediate response to patient needs, regardless of degree of preoccupation.
• Permanent willingness of workers to cooperate with the patient.
• Prompt response to inquiries and complaints.
• Informing the patient exactly of the date of service delivery and completion.

D- Safety, which includes the following variables:
Feeling secure in dealing.
Specialist knowledge and skill of physicians.
• Literature and good manners for workers.
• Continuity of monitoring the patient’s condition.
Confidentiality of patient information.
• Support and support the management of workers to perform their jobs efficiently.

E – Empathy, and includes the following variables:
Understand the patient’s needs.
• Putting the interests of the patient at the forefront of the interests of management and workers.
Convenience of working hours and time allocated for the service provided.
Personal care for each patient.
• Estimate the patient’s circumstances and sympathy for him.
• Fun and friendly spirit in dealing with the patient.

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