We offer technical advice and qualification in our center, away from its size and activity, and in proportion to its needs in the fields of systems

Different quality, including:

Qualification or rehabilitation of the ISO 9001: 2015 quality management system

Qualification of the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System

Qualification of the ISO45001 Occupational Safety and Health Management System

Qualification for the Integrated Management System (IMS)

Qualification of ISO 17025 laboratory quality management system

Qualification of the ISO22000 food safety management system

Qualifying universities to obtain accreditation of the Quality Assurance Center and accreditation of educational institutions  

Restructuring and institutional development programs

Preparing organizational structures and job descriptions

The most important clients of the leading technology company in the qualification and grant activity of quality systems and the environment

  • Dammat Informative
  • Kotban Oil Services Company
  • Al-Sadfa Company for Oil and Marine Services
  • Adri services and technical support
  • Dunes Oil Services Company
  • Al-Sadfa Petroleum Services Company
  • SGS Swiss company oil services activity
  • Quality mark company for inspection
  • Straightening inspection company
  • Tripoli Optics Company
  • Sama Company for Humanities and Applied Sciences
  • National Authority for Information Safety and Security
  • jidar Algala Company For General Cleaning And Pest Control 
  • African company for electrical and mechanical projects
  • Immune Company for Pest Control
  • Al-Firdous Clinic for Medical Services
  • Challenge University of Oral and Dental Medicine
  • Al Bahar Marine Services Company
  • Al-Rammah Company for the import and distribution of foodstuffs
  • Al-Wadi Company for Communications and Information Technology
  • Al Itqan Catering Services Company
  • Chef catering company
  • Al-Ahlia Cement Company
  • Al-Masar Co. for Importing Shoes and Textiles
  • Digital Group Company
  • Tripoli Optics Company
  • Sama Media Services Company
  • Ain Al-kashaf Pest Control Compan

And you can be provided with the contact numbers of the companies that we have qualified or granted in the event of your request