PECB has signed a partnership agreement with ALTAKNIA ALRAIDA

October 13th, 2020 – PECB is pleased to announce a collaborative partnership with ALTAKNIA ALRAIDA, to bring PECB training courses in Libya. This partnership will enable both companies to strengthen their presence in the market by providing better access to their services, recognizing that both companies work to achieve the same goal.
“Our success with ALTAKNIA ALRAIDA has allowed us to connect with our customers and deliver the services that they really want and need. PECB has built a strong reputation in the international market for its expertise and ability to develop and deliver training courses on many ISO standards,” says Eric Lachapelle, the CEO of PECB. “We are excited to partner with ALTAKNIA ALRAIDA and lend our expertise to help create better services for Libyan market. We look forward on growing this partnership as market demand for ISO Standard Trainings continues to grow,” added Lachapelle.
Adel Musa Abufriwa, General Manager of ALTAKNIA ALRAIDA
“We feel honored to be part of the growing family of PECB. This partnership will not only allow us to extend our services by delivering quality educational materials in Libya, but to also conduct internationally recognized standards consultancy
It is important for our clients to be able to certify their skills. The ISO standards are becoming increasingly relevant in our markets; in particular the standards related to Risk Management, Business Continuity, Supply Chain Security and Information Security, which are attracting a lot of attention. Our partnership with PECB enables us to help our clients to ensure they work according to the ISO standards and for their staff to have improved career prospects by getting personal certifications,”
About PECB 
PECB is a certification body for persons, management systems, and products on a wide range of international standards. As a global provider of training, examination, audit, and certification services, PECB offers its expertise on multiple fields, including but not limited to Information Security, IT, Business Continuity, Service Management, Quality Management Systems, Risk & Management, Health, Safety, and Environment.
We help professionals and organizations to show commitment and competence with internationally recognized standards by providing this assurance through the education, evaluation and certification against rigorous, internationally recognized competence requirements. Our mission is to provide our clients comprehensive services that inspire trust, continual improvement, demonstrate recognition, and benefit society as a whole. For further information regarding PECB principal objectives and activities, visit .
Since 2013, Altaknia Alraida is a leading consultancy and training firm, based in Libya
Altaknia Alraida is a highly specialised consulting firm with its sole purpose being the provision of professional expert services to, Quality Management Systems, Food Safety Management systems,  Environmental, Health and Safety. In addition, we also conduct pre-certification audits on any of these standards.
We pride ourselves in offering the best solutions relying on our highly trained consultants who have many years of experience in a wide range of industries and areas of expertise.

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